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Kodiak Adventures Unlimited is your local charter tour booking company and adventure travel agency located in Kodiak, AK.  We do all the hard work so that you have more time and money to experience Kodiak. Sound good? We know you'll love our fishing charters, flight seeing tours and dinner cruises; we've worked extra hard to assemble the perfect adventure tour packages. We don't mind the hard work because making people happy and showing them the vast and beautiful natural landscape of Kodiak is our passion.

Benefit from our great charter tours and get a great deal on your adventure tour package. Contact us now to learn more about the many charter tours that await!

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Our charter tour experts want you to have the Most Fun on the Rock, while experiencing an unforgettable Kodiak adventure! You will find talking with one of our local experts is as good as talking with a good friend who is always happy when something goes well for you. Kodiak Adventures Unlimited tour experts are exactly like that. They make your travel desires a reality.

As a trusted local charter tour booking agency in Kodiak, our clients always happily return to us just like long time friends.  Let us "hook you up" with your Kodiak adventure today!

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