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Confirmation/Cancellation Policy

The small print when a purchase has been made

WHO:  Kodiak Adventures (KA) is a booking agent for tour operators and charters who are members in good standing with the Kodiak Island Convention and Visitors Bureau.  KA acts as an agent for the owners, contractors, and suppliers providing the travel services.  KA assumes no responsibility for injury, loss or damage to persons or property in connection with any services we recommend that result directly or indirectly from circumstances in which we have no control over.  KA will, however, assist any way possible to resolve the issue, should the need arise.  In summary, be careful, use common sense and call us when you need
a band aid.

WHEN: When making your travel plans, weather is a factor. Our maritime climates often attract Mother Nature’s summer rain patterns which explain why Kodiak is referred to as the Emerald Isle. The charter operators are accustomed working with her spurts of stubbornness and we want you to be prepared as well. Weather can cause delays in arrivals, departures, or cancellations altogether. 

Therefore WHY not: Plan to spend several days in Kodiak with enough leisure time in between your reservations so the charter operators can fit you into their ever-changing schedules.  Come prepared and leave pleasantly happy.

WHAT: Once payment (in full) is collected at the time of Confirmation, the reservation information is turned over to the charter company.  From that point on, the captain or owner will provide information and directions to their client should anything change within 24-hours of departure.  We recommend guests have access to a local telephone or cell phone to be in full contact with the charter operator.  If in doubt or with additional questions, please do not hesitate to call KA for the answers.

HOW Cancellations may apply:
20% of the payment is non-refundable.  If at any time, this reservation (or any portion of the reservation) is cancelled, 20% Booking Fee continues to be non-refundable (with one exception*.)

80% of the payment is refundable if this reservation (or any portion of the reservation) is cancelled outside the 30 days from date of departure.

100% of the payment is non-refundable if this reservation (or any portion of the reservation) is cancelled within 30 days from date of departure.

If your charter is cancelled by the owner or captain due to weather*, for example, your payment will be fully refundable minus the $50 Booking Fee. Before that happens however, every effort will be made to re-schedule the guest(s) before leaving the island.  Please give yourself extra time because of weather delays when scheduling various charters.
The charter operator will contact you directly should the charter be cancelled.  Keep your paperwork so that we may assist you through the refund procedure. 

100% of the payment is non-refundable if, on the day of departure, the charter goes out as scheduled and the guest makes the choice not to participate in the days’ events.  The guest will loose all pre-paid monies.

WHERE: The client has passed through all the hoops and all systems are GO, Kodiak Adventures will issue travel documents i.e. paperwork.  Itinerary, charter operator’s name and contact information, departure times, etc.  A Boarding Pass will also be issued for every ticket sold. Present this Pass to - get on board!  If the client has purchased a Signature Tour Package, a Museum Pass and Restaurant Voucher may be part of the package.  These will be issued at Kodiak Adventures’ Reservation Desk – only – so please stop into the Tour Desk to pick these up.

DO’s: Pick up the fishing licenses prior to going fishing – fresh water or deep sea fishing.  Check out the rates established by Department Fish & Game on our Fishing page.

DON’Ts: Don’t forget the camera!



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