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A Six Hour Day in the Country
Exclusive Price: $599 (1 person)

A 6-Hour Day in the Country: bears, lodge and lunch                    

Starting July 4th weekend through August, this 6-hour trip begins with a hop on the morning mail plane to village of Larsen Bay,
60 air miles from the city.

A Beaver 6-passenger floatplane is standing by to take guests on a 25-minute ride landing in Frazer Lake to view the Kodiak brown bears.  The Department of Fish and Game set up the weir to monitor the bears’ activities and to count as the salmon enter the ladder. On a bluff overlooking the weir, the guests will have
2-hours to observe the bears in their natural habitat. There is a three-quarter of a mile trail (semi-rough terrain) to view the bears at the weir. An outhouse is available as a restroom.

Return to Larsen Bay for a hearty lunch at the Uyak Bay Lodge, a beachfront lodge with 11 guest rooms. Talk with the hosts and come to understand the true Alaska wilderness adventure, a lifestyle as it begins in the remote village like Larsen Bay.  Return to Kodiak on the 3:00 afternoon flight.   

Vacancies for overnight stay. If you are interested in spending a night and go fishing the next day, the rates begin at $600-800 per person, per night. 

This price includes all meals and charter fishing on Day 2.  Because of the short notice, it is never certain if there is a vacancy at the lodge for an overnight stay. Kodiak Adventures Reservation Desk will call the lodge to see if there is a vacancy.  If so, the client will be advised to bring an over-night bag and
all-weather gear at that time.




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