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Helpful Fishing Facts

Know your limits.  The catch and release program do cause fatality ~ so don’t go ‘over-board’ when having a good time.

These fish have been known to get hungry in Kodiak Island waters: halibut, salmon (king, red, silver, pink or chum a.k.a. Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Humpies, Dog respectively), lingcod, black bass, rockfish, rainbow and steelhead trout, Dolly Varden, shark and octopus. So don't be surprised when they taunt your hook and give you a 'run' on the line. Have the camera ready to catch the experience.  Reminder:  first caught fish - ever - must be kissed for additional good luck!

The fishing boat captains will offer to swing by a seafood processing plant who will prepare your fish into convenient one pound packages and make arrangements to take the box with you or ship to a home address.  Some captains pride themselves at filleting the fish right on the back as it heads back into the harbor. 

If you plan to carry the fish home with you, every air ticket holder is permitted to carry 50 pounds box of fish over-and-above the initial 50 pounds of personal gear.

If you are returning to a foreign country, a FISH CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN is required.   The governmental offices who issue these certificates are open weekdays from 8 to 5 PM.  They do not work on the weekends (the usual days guests depart Kodiak).  Kodiak Adventures Tour Desk will assist you in getting these documents.  There is a nominal fee for the certificates collected by the agency and/or the seafood processing plant.

The two ferry boats who service Kodiak will have refrigeration on board to store the fish during the crossing to Homer or Whittier.  Make arrangements for that upon checking in.

A fishing license ($20 daily) and king salmon ($10 daily) is required and can be acquired at a local sports shop or Kodiak Adventures Tour Desk.  There are different licenses based on number of days
(1 - 3 – 5 – 7 – 14) or monthly rates.Rain Boots

Statewide Regulations

A sport fishing license is required annually and must be in the possession of all persons 16 years of age or older while sport fishing or personal use fishing. All persons engaged in sport fishing or in possession of fish must show their sport fishing licenses, catch records, special permits or tags, and any fish to any local representative of the department or to anypeace officer of the state upon request.

Resident license fees:
King Salmon Tag
  Resident sport fishing license
  Resident sport fishing license for the blind
Nonresident license fees:
  Nonresident: 1-day sport fishing license
  Nonresident: 3-day sport fishing license
  Nonresident: 7-day sport fishing license
  Nonresident: 14-day sport fishing license
  Nonresident: Annual sport fishing license
Military license fee (on active duty, permanently stationed in AK & dependents -
incl. US Coast Guard
Military sport fishing license
Fishery hotline for Kodiak: (907) 486-5176

What to BringRain Boots

We realize it may be difficult to plan on 'what to bring'.  If you will be active and achieve all your goals to fish, view bears, be adventurous on the all-terrain vehicles and/or do some kayaking - it is safe to say you may need any one of the items from the list below. 

Many of the operators are not supplying the basics so a check before hand with the operator or booking agent.  If there is a weight issue with the checked luggage, plan to outfit yourself once you arrive at any of the many sporting good stores.  

Kodiak Adventures Reservation Desk has an all-wear gear rental department.  That may make it very economical to you unless you feel wader boots will be in your next-years' fashion assemble!  Pack the extra pair of warm socks and bring a belt - we'll do the rest!

  • All-weather gear: water proof pants, jacket and headwear. 
  • Water-proof shoes/boots and warm socks.  Bring a belt to hold up the wader boots.
  • Hat, sun visor, sunscreen and sunglasses: Polaris are expensive and customized to the wearer, but invaluable for viewing fresh water fish).
  • BUG wipes (we are finding too many accidents are caused with bug spray - bring the wipes).
  • Handiwipes and zip lock bag to carry out your used toiletry paper products.
  • Fresh water fish-wear: waders, insulators, fish equipment, tackle and lures (some operators provide these items while others request you to purchase or rent.)
  • Medication: Seasickness and/or personal medication - you may be out on tour for 8 to 10 hours - so don't forget to bring the meds!

The motto: be a good explorer and come prepared!
Kodiak Adventures offers sundries for roughing it in the wild in case you forget! 

Travel insurance is advisable when traveling to Alaska.

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